Leave your AR
production in the hands of our team

If you're uncertain about AR production, we're here to assist you from consultation.
We provide full support from planning, production, to release, ensuring the realization of your ideal AR production.


arara is a professional team
well-versed in AR production

With over a decade of experience in AR services, we have cultivated the technical expertise to bring your vision to life.
As pioneers in Meta Spark, we are well-versed in utilizing Meta Spark and navigating its approval processes.
Our continuous partnerships with major global brands and recognition as an official partner of 'Meta Spark'.

Meta Spark

Camera effects for Instagram and Facebook.
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Web AR

The creation of 'Web AR,' which allows easy AR experiences without an app.
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An AR platform that utilizes smartphone apps.

Digital Signage

It allows sharing AR experiences through displays.


We offer various solution development using AR, based on a wealth of experience. From proposals to support, we've got you covered.
If you're unsure about AR production, we're here to assist from consultation

arara is an official partner of Meta

arara is an official partner of Meta Spark offering camera effects for Facebook and Instagram, developed by Meta.

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Do you face these challenges in AR production?

I want to bring my AR vision to life exactly as I imagine.
I'm unsure about how to utilize AR effectively.
I couldn't pass the approval process for Meta Spark.
AR is an area of high interest, yet it holds many uncharted territories. arara, leveraging years of experience and technical expertise, will guide you toward realizing your ideal AR production.

Based on your budget and
technology trends,
we propose the most suitable AR solutions from a multifaceted perspective.

Drawing from our extensive track record, we tailor our AR services to match your vision.

With over a decade of
extensive experience in AR
production and globally
recognized technical
expertise, we've been
handling AR production for
major global brands since
our establishment in 2010.

We are committed to leveraging our past experiences for effective information dissemination

We provide end-to-end
support, from technical
selection in Meta Spark
production to approval and

As an official partner of 'Meta Spark’, we take full responsibility for AR production through to release.

Past Results

For Kabaya Food Co., Ltd.

You can enjoy AR experiences related to 'Dinosaurs,' 'Insects,' and'Dangerous Creatures.’

By incorporating AR-compatible visuals into the product packaging design, we add an element of fun learning.

Perfect for Learning!

This AR app, which allows you to enjoy life-sized fish in your real-world surroundings, is created under the supervision of experts and utilizes detailed 3D computer-generated graphics. It is also used in the 'Gakken no Zukan Live' series of books published by Gakken Plus Co., Ltd.

With simple controls, you can experience a life-sized 3D fish right in your own space.

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