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Underwater Stroll Anytime,Anywhere
AR Tour Ocean

AR Tour Ocean is an app that utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) to showcase various sea creatures that were previously only visible at aquariums. Now, you can carefully observe these diverse marine creatures in the comfort of your own room.

Realistic creatures
from Gakken's 'Zukan LIVE' (Encyclopedia LIVE)

Elaborate 3DCG models created under the supervision of experts, as featured in Gakken's 'Zukan LIVE' series, faithfully reproduce the realism of living organisms, capturing both their movements and textures.

Introducing the 'Deep Sea Mode,'
newly introduced
※The world of AR Tour Ocean expands.

*The Deep Sea Mode is available as paid additional content.
Featured Creatures
Cubozoan Jellyfish, Loveka, Onikinme, Coelacanth, Giant Isopod, Demenigis, Hōraieso, Oarfish

Purchase Bonus
Unlocking the Camera Filter Feature

*The 'Deep Sea Mode' and the filter feature are currently available only for the iOS version. The Android version is scheduled for support in future updates.

AR Tour Ocean Download

How to Play


・Download the 'AR Tour Ocean' app on your smartphone.

・Launch the app and tap the start button.

・The camera will activate, try moving your smartphone up, down, left, and right. You will see marine creatures appearing.



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