We are an official partner of 'Meta Spark' with a track
record of creating over 100

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Utilizing AR Features on Instagram and
Facebook with Meta Spark

Creating interactive AR experiences such as
immersive background compositing and virtual makeup.

You can easily enjoy various AR effects using the cameras on Instagram and Facebook apps. These effects recognize faces captured by the camera, allowing for background compositing that simulates being in a different location, virtual makeup trials, and simulations for placing furniture. These can be utilized for brand or product promotions.

Who is this recommended…?

Who want to leverage the latest AR for promotions on Instagram and Facebook.
Who does not only want production but also want to delegate the application process.
Who want a company knowledgeable about Meta Spark to handle the production.

Characteristics of arara's Meta Spark Production


are one of the few official '
Meta Spark' partners in

We have been certified as an official partner of 'Meta Spark', provided by Meta Platforms Inc., for filters on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Our top creators possess extensive knowledge of Meta Spark, staying abreast of cutting-edge technological trends.
They have a track record of speaking at official conferences and seminars. Beyond production, we actively disseminate information and technology related to AR. Leading the domestic AR industry, we conduct numerous workshops and seminars for students and creators using Meta Spark Studio.

We have a track record of creating over 100 effects and successfully passing reviews.

Meta Platforms' review process operates under its own unique regulations, often challenging to decipher. We have a track record of creating over 100 effects for numerous companies, providing support throughout the application process for each. From the planning stages of AR, we design in accordance with their review criteria. We take responsibility for effect modifications and re-submission.

The capability and drive
cultivated through Meta
Spark productions for major global brands.

We have worked on numerous Meta Spark projects, primarily focusing on major clients, including globally recognized brands. With our experience in managing Meta Spark projects from conceptualization to application adhering to brand guidelines, we have demonstrated flexibility in adapting to regulatory changes during the application process.

Let’s Try the Meta Spark Effects

Please scan the QR code using your smartphone logged into the Instagram app.
If your device has the Instagram app installed, the Instagram camera will automatically open, allowing you to take photos using the AR camera.
Images and videos with effects can be posted to your Instagram Stories. You can also share them to other social media platforms by using the 'Save' button.
*Please ensure that your Instagram app is up to date.
*Note: Depending on the QR code reader, Meta Spark might not launch.

Sunlight filtering through trees

An effect that embodies the image of sunlight filtering through trees. It offers a refreshing portrayal, creating an atmosphere as if basking in the sunlight among the trees.

Spiral hair

An effect inspired by 'spiral hair.' It manifests on one's head resembling spiral hair.
When opening the mouth, one's face also appears there—a fun and amusing effect.