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'Colored Contact Lens AR Plan'

Colored contact lens trials are Fulfilling your
‘Want to try!' desire with AR effects !

AR effect 'Meta Spark.' Popular requests from colored contact lens manufacturers, such as 'I want to try popular colored contact lens shades,' 'I'm new to colored contacts, so I'd like to start with natural colors,' and 'I want to find the recommended colored contacts that suit me,' can all be resolved with Meta Spark! By allowing customers to preview how colored contact lenses look on them before purchasing, we eliminate concerns about color and encourage purchases.

As an official partner of Meta Spark with a track record of producing over 100 filters, Arara is well-equipped to create a wide range of effects for colored contact lenses. Why not try on colored contact lenses with Meta Spark?

Customer-Friendly and Easy to Use!
Utilizing Colored Contact Lens AR Effects

①Colored contact lenses are equipped with AR effects for online and in-store sales
②Customers can try on colored contact lenses using AR effects

③Customers can identify the product by its product number.

④Purchase online or in-store

Leave Colored Contact Lens AR Production to arara!

We can create AR effects
for colored contact lenses like this.

Switching Colored
Contact Lenses

Adding a Filter

Image that Matches

Try out the colored
contact lens AR effect via the QR code

How to Use
Please scan the QR code using your smartphone logged into the Instagram app. If your device has the Instagram app installed, the Instagram camera will automatically open, allowing you to take photos using the AR camera.

※Please try with the latest version of the Instagram app.
※Some QR code readers may not launch Meta Spark.

The price of the Colored Contact Lens AR Plan

No monthly fees required!
Create Colored Contact Lens AR affordably!


No monthly fees! No contract commitments!



No additional charges based on access numbers or results!



Peace of mind with a one-year delivery guarantee! 


The process from signup to usage


We'll conduct a hearing to understand what kind of effects you'd like to create, and proceed with your application.
②Creating with Meta Spark
At arara, we will create AR effects for you. *Please provide materials such as colored contact lens images or brand logos.

We will review and adjust the created effects multiple times until its matching your image.

Meta Spark requires a public application. Arara will manage the entire process from application to approval.

Leave It to Us!

Official Partner of Meta Spark

Arara is certified as an official partner of 'Meta Spark' provided by Meta Platforms Inc. We provide comprehensive support, from technical selection for Meta Spark production to approval and release.

We provide speedy assistance
from consultation to delivery.

We offer end-to-end services, from proposing AR solutions to delivery, leveraging extensive experience and expertise to meet diverse customer needs.

We can also create
TikTok filters!

At Arara, we also accept requests for creating 'TikTok' filters. If you are considering promotions on TikTok, please feel free to consult with us.

※Please note that at the moment, there are limitations on the range of TikTok filters that can be created. Please be aware of this beforehand.